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Daybreak Alberta with Russell Bowers

CBC Radio's Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind with your host, Russell Bowers.

  • 14:53
    Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake, also known as 4 Wing will be hosting the the Cold Lake Air Show on July 21 & 22, as part of a busy week-end in the Lakeland District. The base is also marking the 60th Anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The city is hosting its Full Throttle Festival, as well as a 65th Anniversary party for the Corvette. (Find out more about the show at How does a place like CFB Cold Lake affect other Albertans and Canadians, in addition to military involvement Canada has in places like Mali, Iraq and Latvia. To explain more, Russell Bowers spoke with Colonel Paul Doyle, commander of 4 Wing, live at the Officer's Mess in front of an audience in Cold Lake.
    Jul 14, 2018
  • 12:09
    As the Cold Lake gets ready to welcome visitors for its "Full Throttle Fesitval" and CFB Cold Lake's bi-annual air show, the city is doing its best to remain the tourism and retail hub for the Lakeland district. However, even with thousands working and living on the forces base, the city has taken its share of a financial hit with the downturn in the oil industry. Last year, Cold Lake's mayor, Craig Copeland ran unopposed for re-election but that doesnt mean he hasn't had to contend with some big challenges. So, with more on why the mayor says Cold Lake is still a vibrant place to live, Russell Bowers spoke with Craig Copeland at the Officers Mess on Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake.
    Jul 14, 2018
  • 20:14
    Renee Malo is from Cold Lake and has been writing and recording since she was a teenager. She's been in competitions on CMT and she opened for George Canyon back in 2016. Renee was the music guest for Daybreak@Night live at 4 Wing CFB Cold Lake, where she talked about hometown fame and discovering music.
    Jul 14, 2018
  • 11:36
    That's baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays are having a tough season, but that's not unfamiliar territory for the people who root for the team. Veteran baseball fans Mark Heard, Chris Turner and Tyler Hellard know how to handle losing.
    Jun 24, 2018
  • 10:53
    What's the biggest mistake Canadians make when they barbecue? Chef and cooking teacher Claire Tansey shares her secrets to better barbecuing.
    Jun 23, 2018
  • 10:03
    2018 marks 50 years since the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies first opened it's doors to visitors and residents of Banff National Park. The museum was the passion and inspiration for Peter and Catherine Whyte, visual artists who reflected the park to the world. The legacy of their accomplishment and collaborations with the Nakoda people still stand thanks to the Whyte Museum and and as part of the 2018 celebrations, the museum is hosting a community barbecue on June 17. To get a little preview of the barbecue and why the Whyte Museum has been such a fixture in Banff, Russell reached one of the organizers of next Sunday's event, Kurt Bagnell, a former manager at the Banff Centre and former director of the Canmore Folk Festival.
    Jun 10, 2018
  • 13:04
    If you live in Alberta, you've likely heard the buzz around the Royal newlyweds coming to Alberta for their honeymoon. Though a visit to the Rockies from Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle hasn't been confirmed as of yet, the buzz around their potential visit has launched another conversation throughout the province. And that is: Where would you travel in Alberta on your honeymoon, if you were looking for an especially romantic destination? Where would you recommend others travel with romance in mind? To chat about this, Russell sat down with columnist Kim Gray, from the award-winning travel website
    Jun 9, 2018
  • 14:05
    Daybreak's books reviewer, Angie Abdou is back with a collection of great Canadian sports fiction. Abdou helped curate "Writing The Body In Motion: A Critical Anthology on Canadian Sport Literature," a collection of stories as diverse as "Shoeless Joe" (1982) to "Indian Horse" (2012). She spoke with Russell Bowers about this new anthology.
    Jun 7, 2018
  • 21:23
    Edmonton violin player Cam Neufeld has been playing the music of the late great jazz guitar pioneer Django Reinhardt for longer than he can remember. Cam has followed this musical passion with trips to Asia, also including stops in Paris, India, and Turkey. His search for the roots of Gypsy music also means heading up a group of musicians called The Gadjo Collective, a group he describes as a Balkan Dance Party band. Neufeld and his daughter, Billie Zizi, joined Russell Bowers at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers to record a special set of performances, and to chat about the music. As of the Gadjo Collective performance, Cam and Billie played "Cold Like That," "After You're Gone," and "Naomi Campbell Comes To Town."
    Jun 2, 2018
  • 12:58
    In April 2018, the city of Calgary named Sheri-D Wilson as its fourth poet laureate. Wilson has had an amazing career as one of the country's leading and most innovative writers, she's been the force behind the International Spoken Word festival, as well as an educator of young people. Her first big project as Calgary's poet Laureate is something Sheri-D Wilson calls Poetrology. At the end June, she's hosting an event for adults and July 23-27, she's organized a workshop for youth so they can work out their spoken voice for poetry. To explain more about poetrology, Sheri-D Wilson, and her ever present dog, Violet, joined Russell Bowers in the Daybreak studio.
    Jun 2, 2018
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