Your horoscope for the week ahead: The moon in its last quarter phase brings greater clarity

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 20, 2017.
(Credit: Unsplash, Camila Cordeiro)

This week is off to an exciting kick-off thanks to the Sun entering the action-sign of Aries. Yes, it's the spring equinox today: day equals night. (Hopefully you have read your horoscope for this special event!) From now on the days will grow longer and the wintery darkness will recede. Hurrah!

The whole mood of this week will be sweetened as Venus unites with the sun. This marks the midpoint of the 6-week Venus retrograde phase. Still, don't rush off to elope in Hawaii. Now is not the time to make huge life-changing decisions. Wait until after mid-April when Venus returns to direct motion.

The Moon, Queen of Manifestation, moves into the last quarter phase of the lunar month. This will give you greater objectivity and clarity in analyzing events of the past few weeks.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 20, 2017.


At this point in time knowing what you don't want is easier to determine than what you do want. Narrow down your options and review your priorities until you end up with a distilled notion of what you would like to accomplish. Instead of fretting and worrying, ask the sky for help and then turn off your internal dialogue. It'll take you by the hand and guide you through your challenges. Everything will fall into place.


To be stressed because things aren't going well is one thing, but if you feel this way when things are actually very good, it's an indication that your interpretation of observable reality is skewed towards the negative. An inherent lack of confidence lies at the root of your perception. The truth be said, you are in full command like a brilliant general leading an army. Worry less and appreciate all that is going well in your life. It's all set to get even better.


You have faced plenty of demoralizing challenges and experiences in your life, but you always come up with the goods when necessary. Although, there is tension in the air now, benevolent celestial rays are shining on you. It would help if you could, at some point, get your mind off your worries. Give your mind a rest. Turn it off. You have the power to determine the course of a certain dream or plan. The Sun's entry into the action sign of Aries will vault you to success.


The sky is arguably tumultuous these days. It's causing a lot of stressful events for you. Despite this, though, it has also brought a great deal of inspiration. You are discovering to what extent people are willing to be of assistance to you. Muster up the courage and self-discipline to keep your thoughts focussed on a positive vision. You have more support than you realize.


You're wondering how to beat a certain problem that now looms over you. To put things right, you'll have to embark on a decisive course of action. It's going to be easy. Take a deep breath, be bold and get ready to rumble. Mars wishes to assure you that you are going to be just fine as long as you are willful, doggedly determined and stubbornly tenacious.


Working hard for limited remuneration is acceptable if you are able to make a substantial gain in the long-term. A plan you are considering runs the risk of weighing you down with too many responsibilities and not enough payback. Whatever you decide, make sure you don't undervalue your own worth or undermine your own needs and ambitions. Bargain hard and you'll come out the winner. Life is short, so make sure you negotiate the best deal. After all is said and done, it's what you deserve.


A stroke of luck is all that's needed to alleviate the pressure you are under. And that's exactly what is in store. After all, you are a lucky person. Every problem, no matter how big, has a solution. You just have to get into the right frame of mind to find it or perhaps for it to find you. A positive shift is taking place. As this shift takes hold, you'll begin to understand exactly how fortunate you are. Thank the universe, and all that is good in your life will proliferate.


Society conditions us to think that we must have something material to demonstrate our worth, but emotional, psychological and spiritual success has nothing to do with what you have acquired or accomplished in a material sense. It is more about how you feel in your mind, heart and soul. And in this regard, you are truly wealthy. Feel good about who you are and you'll find a way to sort out certain financial issues that are causing you concern.


The sky above is offering bountiful help. There is the realistic and practical hope that you will witness the manifestation of a great dream. The events that are now taking place may not be moving fast enough, but the pace will soon quicken. Just remember that flexibility will allow the entry of some inspiring elements into the equation.


Neptune's influence is strong and getting stronger. Be wary of fearing a bad outcome in an important matter. Certain thoughts racing through your mind are predicated on irrational fear-inspired assumptions. Don't believe them. Push them away. An intrepid spirit, on the other hand, will tap into the power of the Spring equinox and turn you into a warrior. The stars wish to help you achieve the miracle you so dearly desire. A courageous heart guarantees success.


Most stories have at least two sides to them. Sadly, most people usually only see one side – their own. If a certain someone in your world would just briefly consider your point of view, you'd have a real chance of receiving the support you need. The stars indicate that the time is right for a shift towards your perspective. You can safely rely on your powers of persuasion to swing the scales your way.


Just because a certain arrangement has a history of going wrong, it is not bound to continue doing so. Circumstances are rapidly changing in your life. And we're talking about this in very positive sense. With a little help from Hermes, the master of strategy, you will succeed in making some judicious choices that will lead to the best possible outcome in a challenging situation.