The top trends in sunglasses for summer 2017

The 4 biggest trends in sunglasses that will make your life a little less bright (in a good way!) this summer.

By now, we are all ready for some sunshine and summer. And what better accessory for summer than sunglasses? Well get ready to take notes because we've got the 4 biggest trends in sunglasses to make your life a little less bright (in a good way).


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The first style we've been seeing on everyone is the round sunglasses. Beyonce is a huge fan of the rounds – she loves hers so much she wears them inside.

These sunglasses are by a brand we love called Sunday Somewhere. The metal frame is a really pretty rose gold and the lenses are a perfectly circular shape. They're playful, with a retro 70s feel without looking too costumey. They've also got mirrored lenses which are another big trend we'll be seeing a lot of this summer.

There are a few different ways you can wear this trend: a smaller version of this shape will give you that hippie/John Lennon vibe – or an oversized shape will give you that mod (almost bug-eyed) look. 

Flat lense/mirrored

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Here are besties Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid adorably wearing their mirrored/flat lenses at the same time… so when they look at each other over lunch, they'll really just be staring back at themselves.

The flat lens – they have no curve whatsoever and they're often mirrored and frameless as well. Flat lenses can take any shape or style of sunglasses that you're used to wearing and just give it an update. These frameless ones are by RETROSUPERFUTURE. They'll give you both the flat and mirrored look, but our favourite thing about them is that the arms and lenses are made of the same material. They're minimalist and futuristic at the same time – and when you turn your head they even give you a cool hologram-effect. 

Cat eye

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The next trend rose to popularity in the 50's and is back in a big way – it's the cat eye! Nicole Richie is a big fan of the oversized cat eye.

The thing about this shape is that since it's been around so long, it has been re-invented in every way possible. When it comes to the cat eye, go big or go home. That's why we love these tortoiseshell numbers by sunglass goddess, Karen Walker. They're made of acetate which is a really strong, expensive plastic, making them the perfect match for those of us who are forever breaking our sunglasses.


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Last but not least, the newest, most "2017" trend of them all is geometry – or playing with different shapes. Miranda Kerr is wearing a pentagon frame by Miu Miu.

The geometric trend is great if you're fashion-forward or just super into math. These octagon shapes are also by Karen Walker. They're a black acetate frame with gold metal arms and accents. The lenses, again, are mirrored.

All sunglasses courtesy of C2 Apparel.

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