Nail the boho chic trend with these styling tips

Here are some tips to help you nail the bohemian, eclectic aesthetic in your home.

We love filling our homes with unique finds and coveted heirlooms that make our space feel personalized and lived in, so naturally we're all about eclectic design. The eclectic design style reshuffles the rule book and celebrates the art of mixing and matching. But if it's done incorrectly, things can quickly go from cute to chaotic. 

To show you how to do eclectic right, we took this room packed with beautiful elements that needed a major edit...

And transformed it into this chic, bohemian sanctuary:

Here are some tips to help you nail the eclectic aesthetic in your own home:

Keep the walls neutral

Eclectic spaces have a lot going on, so opt for a neutral canvas as opposed to painting the walls a bold hue, like the rusty red in our first room. Making this change helped transform our room from heavy to light and airy.

Organize your art

We edited the art on the mantle and removed the pieces leaning on the walls, as it made our first room look way too messy. Instead of discarding your art, showcase it better by introducing a gallery wall. This way, you and your guests will have a chance to appreciate it. We got all of our art from Art Interiors and added some sculptural elements with baskets from Snob.

Avoid the greenhouse look

We removed four of the six plants from the first room. It's nice to add life to a space, but you don't want the greenery to take over.

Play with patterns

When designing an eclectic bohemian room, don't be afraid to mix different prints, but do choose patterns that relate to one another, whether that be through color or style. Here, we added in some solids with the patterned pillows and brought in a few neutrals to balance out all the colour.

Layer your rugs — just not too many of them

While we're all about layering, too much of a good thing is never the answer. As we had it before, you could barely see the beautiful area rug underneath all the smaller ones, which is a big decor don't. You should never layer to the point where some items aren't visible at all. So, we removed the rug that didn't necessarily relate to the rest to let the other gorgeous styles from ELTE shine. 

Bring in texture

Mixing in different textures helps give an eclectic space its depth, while appealing to our senses. Every surface brings something different: the woven Oriental rug over coarse sisal; the rich wood in the coffee table; the thick, lush fabrics in the pillows; the slick leather in the stools. 

Ensure proper circulation

A room feels claustrophobic when you can't move freely around it, so always make sure there is free floor space and re-organize your furniture to create a conversation zone. 

Be selective

While eclectic spaces are suited to showcasing your favourite pieces, be selective and don't overcrowd. Like furniture, accessories need space between them or else your room starts to feel like a big mess. We cleared up the items on the coffee table so that it was functional again.

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