Master the gallery wall with these pro tips

Curate your art collection into one of the hottest design trends.

The perfect way to add personality to a space is through art. If there's one design element that we've been seeing a lot of lately, it's the gallery wall. This trend provides people with the perfect way to display their art collection. It can be daunting though – the truth is that people really struggle with choosing the right display and it can look very chaotic if a gallery wall isn't properly curated. But fear not! Here are some helpful tips from Steven on how to create the perfect gallery wall:

Choose the right art

Your gallery wall is only as good as the art you have in it. So, if you have some random pieces lying around and you attempt a gallery wall, it may not work. You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money, but instead dedicate some time to sourcing the art and be patient. Opt for pieces that you really love – this is the key to curating the right collection. We used somee beautiful art from Union Lighting and Furnishings.

Lay it out

To avoid making a million holes, lay out the art before hanging. Simply tape out the space you are working with so you can take your time and move things around. 

Anchor the collection with one large piece

If you only use smaller pieces of art, your gallery wall will look messy and cluttered. You need at least 1 piece that feels commanding to start the collection.

Vary the orientation and size

Aim to display both horizontal and vertical pieces, if you can.

Spacing between art

We recommend leaving 3 inches between artwork. Try to keep your spacing as even as possible. The spacing doesn't have to be exactly the same, just make sure the pieces aren't too close together or it will look over-crowded. You also want to be sure that your artwork isn't floating too far away from each other, or it will leave your gallery wall looking accidental.


To help the collection look more cohesive and sophisticated, you should also curate the frames! We recommend limiting the type of frames and colours used in your gallery wall. Here, we've done predominately black and white frames, so it would have looked out of place if we did one metallic frame.

Mediums of art

The more mediums of art on your gallery wall, the better! We incorporated abstract paintings, an oil painting from Art Interiors, and original photography. This elevates the look of the gallery wall and makes it look more interesting.

Add in personal items

Tell a story on your gallery wall by incorporating some personal items. We used some gorgeous shadow boxes from Ikea to showcase some pieces.

After Steven gave us a masterclass in creating the perfect gallery wall, he challenged his co-hosts to put together their own gallery wall. Here's what they curated:




In the end, Shahir won the gallery wall challenge and was crowned the winner!

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