The greatest ghoulish garb for staying in on scary movie night

Ghost every event to get back to these comfy clothes

Ghost every event to get back to these comfy clothes

FOMO be damned. You and your sofa have a special thing. While staying in to binge watch to your eyeballs' content is legitimate on any night, in any season, it gets elevated to the rank of ritual this time of year. Just add candy and your favourite horror movie classics and presto, you're honouring the spirits. Especially your own. So we're rounding up the perfect cozy wear for any macabre movie marathon.  

Here's the halloween lounge wear your need to stay home in comfort and seasonal style.

Ghosting Tee

Buying this almost assures that your mind will turn to it every time you're at a lousy event. Caution: once it's in your drawer, your sofa cravings will increase. No need to say bye at all, just go throw it on and begin bingeing.

Get it for $34.00 at Urban Outfitters

Unicorn Hoodie

Whether you're lounging alone or en masse, make sure all the souls in your vicinity recognize your special singularity by pulling on this hoodie.

Get it for $47.64 at Edway Environmental

Eyeball Sweater

Perfectly cozy enough for watching six hours of schlocky horror features or popping out for more candy when the reserves get dangerously low.

Get it for $29.99 at H&M

Matching glow in the dark skull undies

If you plan on being adorable à deux, these matching glow in the dark skull undies should already be in your top drawer.

Get it for $42.00 at MeUndies

No Regrets Bat Sweatshirt

We do not have mixed feelings about missing that party to stay in and carb out to monster movies. Wear this proud and look ahead to another night spent in lazy bliss.

Get it for $14.99 at H&M

Halloween Megging

With clunky boots and an oversized black sweatshirt, the more adventurous among you might want to wear this to run Halloween errands. But these 'meggings' really beg for a movie, a sofa and some fun-sized snacks.

Get it for $36.68 at ASOS

Long Skull Sweatshirt

It's a shirt, it's a dress, it's a nightie, it's never leaving your body. Slip into this sweatshirt and binge your skull out.

Get it for 12.99 at Amazon

Glow In The Dark Skeleton Catsuit

This suit glows in the dark so you can keep track of all your bones when the lights get dim.

Get it for $104.00 at Urban Outfitters

Devilishly Gourd Oversized Sweatshirt

Let your inner light shine. Bonus: Jack O' lantern vibes without sticking your hands into the business end of a pumpkin.

Get it for $16.58 at Amazon

Pumpkin Leggings

Donning soft and stretchy bottoms almost guarantees you're staying in, but pulling on these pumpkin pants for errands is totally justifiable. They also come in a purple bat version. Still, if you can't decide, just get pumpkins, bats, skulls and ghosts in one.

Get it for $12.99 at Urban Planet

Big Sleep Glow In The Dark PJs

This two-piece is as cozy as it is functional. It's loungewear, gym wear or stay on the couch watching black and white monsters wreak havoc wear. We're banking you'll sleep in this while alive too. Plus, uh, the letters glow.

Get it for $26.99 at ASOS

Kid Bones Kigurumi

For the tiny human in your home who may join in a little family spooky movie marathon, this skeletal onesie is a must. There's even a bat onesie for mom and a gloomy bear onesie for dad, so the whole fam can jam out in seasonal coziness.

Get it for $59.00 at Kigurumi

Velour Cat Jumpsuit for Girls

A dress up day at school or a dress down day at home is easily sorted with this very cute black cat jumpsuit. Is it comfortable? It's velour! Contented purring optional but likely.

Get it for $34.99 at H&M

Kids Candy Skeleton Hoodie

If there is a better sweatshirt for your kid to wear while sorting their post trick or treat candy harvest, we couldn't find it. Note: adults also welcome to squeeze into it for movie night.

Get it $21.95 at Amazon

Boo Cat PJ set

You could lounge in something other than these adorably spookable cat PJs, but we're not sure why you'd want to. Curling into a little sleep ball optional.

Get it for $36.68 at ASOS

Skull Rose Legging

Fun, floral and fiendishly comfy, these crown of roses skull leggings belong in your lazy lounge lineup. You can take these skulls outside too, but you may not want to leave the couch.   

Get it for $20.30 at Amazon

Donut Fear Slippers

Carbs will creep up on you but stay your terror, the only real danger is tightening trousers. And that is easily remedied - by not wearing any. Still, you'll want to keep your feet warm. Grab a monster claw version for any other beastly paws in your household.

Get it for $24.45 at ASOS

Happy Hallowine Sweatshirt

If you're a glass half full holiday reveler, this cute tipsy ghost should accompany all your October nights well wasted on the couch.

Get it for $23.86 at Amazon