Stacks on stacks: Over-layering is the look we love for fall

When you add one layer too many, you've done it right

When you add one layer too many, you've done it right

Most people think that: a) when fall hits, all their summer faves have to be stored away for the next 8 months, b) they have to wear dark muted colours like they're mourning the death of summer, and c) that layering means throwing on all of your clothes all at once like an Olsen twin. I've got news for you - none of these are true. So if you want to layer without looking like the Michelin man, you've got to think strategically.

A few pointers - start with thin layers, wear fitted pieces, nothing too oversized, think about mixing different textures (ie. silks with wools), and layer items that have varying hemlines for an effortless yet interesting look.

Luckily, we've found 6 foolproof pieces to invest in for fall so you can layer better than a Christopher Nolan plot.



The most controversial topic in fashion has finally been resolved - yes, you can now wear leggings as pants!! Thanks to Balenciaga, leggings are very on trend, so every high street store is selling their own version and making them in some pretty cool colours/textures. They're great for layering under a dress or with an oversized sweater because they don't add any bulk (and bonus points for stretchy fabrics). Two rules that I try to live by - go for styles that are a little less casual (think sheen or pleather) and try to wear something on top that covers you below the waist.

Zara Metallic Faux Suede Leggings, $45.90,

Wilfred Free Daria Pant, $135,

Zara Fuseau Leggings, $69.90,

Thin Turtlenecks

Who ever imagined that turtlenecks would be the it piece for fall? Certainly not me, but that's the way the sartorial cookie crumbles. Turtleneck are being layered under everything - silk dresses, button-down shirts, thicker sweaters and Diane Keaton is somewhere in a beautiful kitchen celebrating. I say have fun with your turtlenecks and get in some colour and pattern! Sure your basic black will go with everything, but where's the fun in that?

Tommy x Gigi Turtleneck, $231,

Meshed Up Long Sleeve Top, $48.40,

Ruffle Striped Sweater, $49.99,

Thick Cardigan or Oversized Jacket


Before the temperatures drop too much, opt for a lightweight trench or a cardigan to throw over your blazer, leather jacket, or jean jacket for added warmth (and style, obviously). You want to go for something a little oversized so things don't look too bulky, and we suggest shouldering the overcoat for the full (style) effect.

Topshop Leopard Print Cardigan, $65,

Genuine People Camel Trench Coat, $155,

Zara Jacquard Coat with Fringe, $129,

Scarves or Cape


A scarf or cape is always a good idea. If you choose one with a faux fur texture or great colour/pattern, it can make a huge difference in elevating your look. Wrap it around your neck or wear it overtop of your ensemble - either way, it'll keep you lookin' hot when the weather is cool.

My Accessories Contrast Fur Scarf, $41.30,

Checkered Cape-Scarf, $98,

Abstract Pattern Scarf, $89.44,

Bralette or Camisole


Okay, this isn't going to keep you warm, but it looks so chic and is so easy to pull off with pieces you already own. Keep the pieces thin but not too tight, and get ready to feel like a supermodel leaning over the Seine in Paris.

Out from Under Lace Layering Cami, $34,

REDVALENTINO Cropped Wool Blend Top, $200,

Urban Bliss Corset Detail Jersey Top, $19.36,



A belt isn't just useful for your pants - it's great to wrap overtop of your outfit to hold it all in and make it look like you have a waist underneath all those layers. Like the scarf, you can go with a unique belt or a classic one - your call. We're loving how fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek has gone with an oversized one with multiple colours to spice up her neutral tones.

ASOS Full Metal Waist Belt, $61.95,

Club Monaco Keoki Belt, $159,

Lovestrength Cheyenne Hip Belt, $51.95,