Chic water bottles you'll want to carry everywhere

In honour of Canadian Water Week, here are 7 water bottles so cool they double as accessories.

While the whole 8 cups a day concept is still up for debate, there are some facts we know to be true about drinking water. First of all, it's good for you. Drinking water maintains the balance of body fluids, helps energize muscles and aids digestion. It's also the foundation of any skincare routine. Water helps with natural radiance, tone and elasticity. The bottom line is that skincare and makeup work best on hydrated skin. But now for the ugly truth: disposable bottles are piling up in landfills and taking a toll on the environment. But with reusable bottles, there's something we can do about it, and according to Brita Canada using one can save you $500 a year. In honour of Canadian Water Week, here are 7 water bottles so cool they double as accessories.


If you've started to see these stainless steel bottles everywhere, it's for good reason. S'well's prints, colours and metallics are on trend, plus they keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 – all sans toxins or plastic waste.

S'well bottle, $58, at

Brita Canada

Not only does it make it a style statement, but the sale of each and every one of Brita Canada's Me to We limited edition bottles provides a year's supply of clean water to a person in Irkaat, Kenya. And that's the kind of program we can drink up.

Me to We Brita Canada bottle, $20, at Walmart.


This glass and spiked silicone bottle by bkr, designed with '80s-youth-walking-the-streets-of-Melrose-Avenue in mind, will inspire you to drink more water while it gives added edge to any desk setup.  

bkr spiked bottle, $45, at

The memobottle

The memobottle is a game-changer in the bottle category. Why? Its ultra-sleek design is made to fit in your pocket or bag, so it's portable like no bottle before it. It's BPA-free and comes with caps in black and white.

A6 memobottle, $35, at

Kate Spade

If quirky prints are your aesthetic, this polka dot version made from glass with a contrast cap will make the perfect eco-friendly replacement to traditional options. It's twist-off cap means you can take it everywhere.

Kate Spade New York polka dot water bottle, $35, at


Headed to the gym and then out to brunch?'s cheeky bottle will keep you hydrated from Soul Cycle through to avocado toast. Best of all, its black cap guarantees your lipstick smudges won't show up.   

Bando Work It Out bottle, $27, at


If you're working out hard, you need a water bottle that can keep up with you. Designed in this season's standout shade, this bottle will fit right in at the gym, and everywhere you go after.

Nike bottle, $17, at