Raspberry cordial and flower crowns: The essentials you need to throw the ultimate 'Anne' viewing party

In honour of Anne’s return to the screen, we’re throwing a viewing party this Sunday, and you should too. Here are a few delicious recipes and elegant DIYs to help get you started.

When I was a kid, Anne of Green Gables was my number one. The girl, the books, the miniseries, the musical — you name it, I was all about it. There was something about Anne's mix of curiosity, smarts, amazement with the world around her and overwhelming desire to find that One True Best Friend that spoke to me both as a bookworm and an only child. Plus, she got to kiss Gilbert Blythe, and that seemed pretty cool too. With her straw sunhat and bright red braids Anne has now become a Canadian icon, so it's safe to say that a lot of people felt the same way I did.

Years later, when I heard that a new rendition of her story was coming to CBC in the form of Anne, which airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET, I was hit with a huge wave of nostalgia. The White Way of Delight, the accidentally dyed green hair and the dramatic (and disastrous) re-enactment of The Lady of Shallot all came flooding back, and I was overwhelmed with excitement. Now, not only do I get to see more of the imaginative redhead, a whole new generation of young girls have the chance to get to know her as well.

So, in honour of Anne's return to the screen, we're throwing a viewing party this Sunday, and you should too. Here are a few delicious recipes and elegant DIYs to help get you started.

Select your menu…

From ice cream socials, to tea parties for every occasion, any fan of the books (or the original miniseries) knows how essential food is to life at Green Gables. So much so that there's even an authentic Anne of Green Gables cookbook written by Lucy Maud Montgomery's granddaughter that features the characters' favourite bites and bevvys. While you're waiting for the cookbook to arrive in the mail, try out a few of our scrumptious recipes.

No Wait Cheddar Biscuits

These easy, cheesy biscuits are winners no matter the occasion, but they're especially perfect alongside an episode of Anne. In the original book, it's Anne's ability to bake the perfect biscuit that finally wins her the respect of the prickly town gossip, Rachel Lynde. Throw these in the oven, and you'll surely impress all your friends just the same.

Seafood Pot Pie

Prince Edward Island, the backdrop for each of the 'Anne' books and CBC's new series, is known for its world-renowned seafood. While you might not be able to find lobster and shrimp that's as fresh as the stuff in PEI, this rich, creamy Seafood Pot Pie is so delicious, it'll make you feel like you're dining in the Maritimes.

Honey-Baked Plums with Granola

In honour of Marilla Cuthbert's famous Plum Puffs, try out these sweet, caramelized baked plums. They're packed with protein in the form of Greek yogurt and hearty granola, so you don't have to feel too guilty for indulging in this candied treat.  

Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream Pie

Ice cream is a big deal for Anne. When she gets her first taste of the summertime staple a few months into her stay at Green Gables, she can't stop talking about it. There's even a whole song devoted to it in the musical! So, go ahead, channel your inner Anne and enjoy every bite of this decadent, chocolatey ice cream pie.

Mix yourself a drink…

After you're done munching on all of those goodies, you're going to need something to wash them down with. These easy mixes will help quench your thirst.

Raspberry Cordial

(Credit: toriavey.com)

Perhaps the most iconic moment from the original book comes when Anne accidentally serves herself and Diana Marilla's currant wine instead of Raspberry Cordial. This updated take on the fruity elixir is alcohol-free, so any little ones you might be watching with won't face the same fate that Anne and Diana did. Sip on it as you wait for this hilarious mix-up to come to life onscreen.

And for another twist on this delicious drink, try The Anne Shirley Temple, made with a base of Raspberry Cordial.

Vodka Thyme Lemonade Cocktail

(Credit: fashionablehostess.com)

Anne knows that a picnic just isn't a picnic without a big, cold glass of old-fashioned lemonade. Since it's not quite outdoor-dining weather yet, we're taking our lemonade inside. This spiked lemonade cocktail is the ideal combination of tart and flavourful, meaning you'll want to nurse all through this week's episode of Anne.   

DIY a little…

Simple personal touches are the best way to ensure your viewing party stands out from the pack. It's in Anne's nature to go big and bold, and while there's no need to get too crazy, you know she'd be the first to admire your entertaining prowess.

Wall-hanging Flower Garland

(Credit: thekitchykitchen.com)

Capture the luscious greenery and flower-lined fields of Anne's hometown with this exquisite garland from The Kitchy Kitchen. Not only is it perfectly on brand for Green Gables, the DIY is a perfect way to bring a little life into your home, just in time for spring!

Floral Crown Bar

(Credit: Barefoot Brunettes, Via: stylemepretty.com)

Speaking of flowers, we've spent the last few weeks admiring Anne's stunning crown made from pansies and dandelions. Get your guests excited for an episode by setting up a flower crown bar, like this one from Style Me Pretty, so that each person can craft their own, in true Anne style.

For more inspiration, DIY this gorgeous Anne inspired floral crown from Lady Hayes.

Anne and Diana Embroidery Template

(Credit: etsy.com/EMBROIDERYDEZIGN)

While you're getting in the crafting spirit, why not download this adorable embroidery template featuring the kindred spirits themselves? The delightful little cross-stitch would make a great present for your BFF, niece or daughter. And, if you've got an Anne fan in the family, you can even take on this project together!

Dress for the occasion…

Now that you've got the walls decked and your snacks all set, it's time to dress the part (in puffed sleeves, if you so choose). While these items won't arrive in time for this Sunday's episode, if you order now, you'll be able to rock them for the show's finale — and every time you rewatch the episodes.

Kindred Spirits Locket

(Credit: etsy.com/busybeezchickadeez)

Nothing says "let's be friends forever" quite like this gorgeous bronze and gold locket with a sweet message inside. Gift it to your Diana, or buy one for the both of you, as a chic take on those old-school friendship bracelets.

Anne of Green Gables Book Scarf

(Credit: etsy.com/TheOhlala)

This unique, hand-painted piece based on a book cover is full of bright hues and intricate details. While it may not be the most wearable item out there, it's a beautiful keepsake piece that you can treasure for years and years to come.

Get excited for this Sunday's episode by watching the trailer and other clips right here.

(Updated: March 31, 2017)