Our ultimate DIY roundup for National Craft Month

Whether you haven’t picked up a paintbrush before, or you’re a seasoned pro, these easy crafts will help you explore your DIY side.

Here at CBC Life, we're big fans of curating a beautiful space full of unique accents and objects you won't see in everyone else's home. But since one-of-a-kind items from the store usually come with a steep price tag, we're all about getting a little creative and making things ourselves! Not only is DIYing cost-effective, it can simplify everyday life, since the projects help you stay organized, keep things clean, and make use of items that are probably collecting dust in your closet.

With March being National Craft Month (it's true!), we are extra-pumped to get you rolling up your sleeves, breaking out the glue gun and taking on a fun new project (or, you know, twelve).

Instead of leaving you to scour the never-ending abyss that is Pinterest, we've rounded up our favourite DIYs, to give you all the inspo you need to get those crafting wheels turning. Whether you haven't picked up a paintbrush before, or you're a seasoned pro, these easy crafts will help you explore your DIY side.

Artful additions

DIY marker art

DIY ombre wall

DIY Warhol-inspired wall art

DIY gold leaf

How to gold leaf with the Cynical Crafter and Steven Sabados 2:37

DIY Mondrian-inspired wall art

DIY abstract wall art

DIY fire art

DIY fabric dyeing

DIY kitchen wall art

DIY faux finish

Entertaining essentials

DIY spring table setting

DIY table setting from the dollar store 3:35

DIY wedding favours

DIY cheese board

DIY tea party essentials

DIY brunch coffee cart

Brunch coffee cart 0:55

DIY diorama place cards

DIY holiday host and hostess gifts

DIY NYE place setting

DIY: Simple New Years eve place setting 2:04

DIY disco ball piñata

Party Pinatas: Disco ball 1:12

Home helpers

DIY macrame plant holder

DIY macrame plant holder 1:11

DIY bath time bubbles and scrub

DIY dollar store bath time 1:13

DIY stackable ring tray

DIY stackable ring organizer 1:37

DIY photo box

DIY Valentine's Day Photo Box 2:18

DIY 2-in-1 office calendar

DIY easy desk calendars 1:15

DIY balloon cellphone case and mood lighting

Balloon Crafting with the Cynical Crafter 2:26

DIY personalized coasters

DIY personalized coasters with The Cynical Crafter 2:08

DIY pet beds

Seasonal solutions (for our "it's never too early" friends!)

DIY Thanksgiving table decor

DIY NYE champagne bottle piñata

Party Pinatas: Champagne Bottle 1:36

DIY winterland pom pom garland

DIY Whimsical Pom Pom Garland | ALB in Winterland 3:53

DIY holiday cookie exchange box

DIY magical winterland terrarium

DIY Magical Winterland Terrariums | ALB in Winterland 2:22

DIY snow globe

The Cynical Crafter is back for more fun-filled crafts for your holiday season, including this incredible DIY Snow Globe perfect for you to stare into longingly if you get dumped this year. 2:04

DIY holiday stocking piñata

Try this festive DIY holiday pinata 1:47

DIY easy advent calendar

This is an easy DIY advent calendar made by withwendy, using only dollar store materials! 1:26