The Great Canadian Baking Show



How to make a jelly roll

A holiday classic, Chef Rochelle from The Great Canadian Baking Show shows you how to create a gorgeous jelly roll.

Incredible gingerbread houses we just want to live in

The bakers showed off flair and creativity with these extravagantly-engineered gingerbread structures.

Episode 6: Holiday Baking Week

WED DEC 6 During Holiday Baking Week, the top five bakers celebrate and commemorate the season with three delectable holiday themed challenges.
Star Baker Recipe

Chocolate cherry bûche de Noël

This beautiful Bûche de Noël is soaked with Brandy syrup and filled with chocolate whipped cream and cherry jam.
Holiday Recipe

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

"For me, the holidays have always been about cookies." Terri changes up the cookies in her holiday rotation ever year, but chewy ginger molasses cookies (inspired by her Nan's recipe) always make an appearance.
Technical Bake

Rugelach two ways: chocolate and apricot

Rugelach is a a Jewish favourite, traditionally enjoyed at Hanukkah. The sugar-free dough is soft, flakey and not-too-sweet.

I made the chocolate rugelach pastries from The Great Canadian Baking Show

Anne T. Donahue joins the festivities during Holiday Baking Week and creates her first-ever batch of rugelach pastries.
Holiday Recipe

Grandma's Maple Fudge

Remember when Terri topped her Canada Week donuts with her Grandma's maple fudge? Turns out, maple fudge is also a big part of Terri's holiday baking tradition. Here's the recipe.

Episode 5: Best of Britain Week

WED NOV 29 The Best of Britain challenges the Bakers to replicate a trio of well-known British desserts.

My Newfoundland mom's bread recipe is beyond measure. Really.

"Homemade bread" is a thing we all grow up with in Newfoundland and it's not like any other bread I've had. The problem? No one from home believes in recipes.
Star Baker Recipe

Dhokla with coconut chutney

A savoury chickpea-based treat that's perfect for high tea.
Technical Bake

Brandy snaps

The trick to a perfect brandy snap is timing: if the biscuit is under- or over-baked, it'll be impossible to roll.

12 beautiful cakes from The Great Canadian Baking Show

The bakers showed off flair and creativity with their cupcakes and chocolate layer cakes. Here are our favourites.

How to make crème anglaise

Chef Rochelle shows us how to make a vanilla custard for pouring over spotted dick.

Episode 4: Canada Week

WED NOV 22 The Top seven bakers embrace beloved homegrown classics for Canada Week and show their national pride.
Star baker recipe

Vegetarian tourtière with tomato relish

For Canada Week, James wowed the judges with this colourful vegetarian tourtière.

I made the brandy snaps from The Great Canadian Baking Show

Anne T. Donahue takes on the trickiest technical challenge yet: brandy snaps. And with scalded fingers and a stiff upper lip she emerged...victorious!

How to make butter tarts

Chef Rochelle shows us how to make beautiful butter tarts (it's really easy!).
Star Baker Recipe

Cranberry and pomegranate Pavlova

Linda's stunning Christmassy Pavlova wreath marries the sweetness of mascarpone cream with the tartness of cranberries and pomegranate.
Baking Show

I made the fondant fancies from The Great Canadian Baking Show

GCBS fan Anne T. Donahue is NOT a fan on fondant fancies. 'I hate this. I hate that I've baked a glorified cookie. Even James' cake with little-to-no rise has more rise than mine. (It is what it is, James.)'
Technical Bake

How to make fondant fancies

The key to perfect fondant fancies? They must be perfectly square, perfectly identical and have a smooth, flawless finish.

How to make a perfect Swiss meringue

Chef Bruno from The Great Canadian Baking Show shows you his technique for a fluffy, marshmallowy Swiss meringue topping.

How to make a babka

Chef Bruno shows us how to prepare a beautiful chocolate cinnamon babka

Episode 2: Bread Week

WED NOV 8 The bakers dive head first into a world of carbs as they tackle three difficult challenges for Bread Week.
Baking Show

I made the Montreal bagels from The Great Canadian Baking Show

"Montreal would be terribly disappointed and I’m an absolute disgrace to the province of Quebec, but I made bagels." Amateur baker Anne T. Donahue takes on the technical bake from Bread Week.