Hosting Easter brunch is a breeze with our workback plan

From when to bake those muffins to when to brew the coffee, we’ve done the grunt work for your brunch work!

For those of you hosting Easter brunch this year, we're with you! Kudos on opting for a daytime affair that can be elegant or casual, that is perfect for families with young ones with early bedtimes, and for giving everyone something to look forward to after the egg hunt. But don't kick up your feet just yet. Serving a meal earlier in the day means less hours that day to prep for it! Which is why we suggest you start early. Think ahead about what you can make ahead of time, when you should shop for those ingredients and how to make everything look more festive than your regular Sunday brunch. Or don't. Because we've done all of that thinking for you. Follow our guide for how to make hosting Easter brunch breeze!

Now/up to a week before

  • If you haven't finalized your menu, do it now — this list of recipes that are perfect for Easter brunch should have all the inspiration you need! Be smart about what you choose to undertake. If you're hosing 20 people, you may not want to be flipping pancakes all morning. Instead, opt for waffles which can be frozen ahead of time and warmed in the oven. No one will ever know and the kids will love you!
  • Finalize your guest list and note any dietary restrictions.
  • Reach out for any serving pieces, chairs or other items you need to borrow from guests.
  • Make a grocery list and a list for supplies, including any napkins and disposable cups and cutlery.Think about serving pieces and pitchers for juice and pick up (or borrow) anything you may not already have, including a coffee pot that holds a lot.
  • And don't forget about any decorations for the table and rooms. Maybe a few chocolate Easter bunnies for the kids' table?

Three days before or more

  • Take into account Good Friday and any other holiday hours and plan accordingly. Go shopping for everything except what needs to be bought fresh.
  • Put together a music playlist. Music helps to set the mood for any occasion!
  • Clear out the hall closet for guests to hang their coats.
  • Shop for everything except for the few ingredients that need to be purchased fresh.
  • Wash and iron any linens you may need.

Two days before

  • Make anything that can be prepared a few days ahead of time and refrigerated  (like salad dressings) or frozen (like non-flaky baked goods).
  • Set the table and make sure you have enough seats for everyone, and vases for spring flowers, of course.
  • Set the decorations out (if you can refrain from eating those chocolate bunnies).

One day before

  • Pick up and set out any flowers.
  • Pick up any groceries that need to be purchased fresh.
  • Set out your platters and label them with sticky notes so you know what you'll be serving on each.
  • Set up a coffee and juice station, complete with mugs, napkins and a pitcher for water too.
  • Clean any rooms that guests may be expected to be in (or tour through). If the egg hunt extends throughout the house, this may be a big job so start early. Don't forget fresh towels for the bathroom.
  • Pre-make and prep anything and everything that doesn't need to be made a la minute.

Two hours before

  • It's the big day! Time to mix up your pancake batter, preheat the oven and start on dishes you're prepped ahead, plus and to defrost any pre-baked goods you've so wisely made in advance.
  • Wash and put away any pots or pans including anything in the dishwasher to make sure post-brunch clean up is a breeze.

An hour before

  • Wipe down counters, sinks and surfaces that may have gotten messy in the last 24 hours.

30-45 minutes before

  • Brew the coffee.
  • Reheat any dishes that need to be served warm and bake any dishes you're making fresh.
  • Change out of your pajamas and into your Sunday best. Nice work, you're done. Nowwww you can put up your feet up and snack on a chocolate bunny before guests arrive, you've earned it!