West Coast Comedy w/ Paul Bae, Jen Grant, & Graham Clark!


This week, you'll hear part one of our celebration of the comedic differences between Canada's east and west coasts!

You'll be hearing some east coast comedy next week on the show, so - since I know my geography, owning at atlas and all - that leaves this week's episode open for a look at the west coast.

Now, it should be stressed that these shows are not meant to pit one coast against the other. Laugh Out Loud is NOT fanning the flames of rivalry here!

Both regions have their charms...their positive attributes...

Comically, though...what are the differences? Are there differences in delivery or subject matter, or audience reaction?

We investigate this with sets from Vancouverites Paul Bae and Graham Clark. Plus a set from former west-coaster, Jen Grant!

Congratulations to Gregory Budd, winner of this week's Get Lucky Contest! You're getting yourself a Laugh Out Loud prize pack, Gregory!


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