LOL presents Johnny Bagpipes & Perry Perlmutar!


This week on the show you're going to be hearing two feature sets from a couple of comics that we recorded while we were in Winnipeg, Manitoba, back in April.

JOHNNY_ROCKER-JPG.jpgYou'll hear a set from Johnny Bagpipes who - as you may have guessed - has a certain "instrument" that he uses onstage. I'll give you a hint: it's bagpipes.

Plus, a comic whose perspective on life is no doubt influenced in large part by his rather unique marriage. It's Perry Perlmutar.

perry-perlmutar.jpgShockingly, we are just five shows away from the end of this season of LOL and we want you to help us program the final two episodes!

Like last season, we're going to wave goodbye to this one with a Two Part Season Ending All Request Extravaganza!

It's your chance to let us know which comic you really loved this year and which one you want to hear again!

We've received a tonne of pitches already. So, don't be shy, get your requests into us! Hit the Contact button, or just email! If we use your pick, we'll read your email on the air and you'll receive a Laugh Out Loud gift pack!

I want to remind you that Laugh Out Loud will be at The Cottage Country Comedy Festival in Bracebridge, Ontario on Saturday August 11th at the Rene M Caisse Memorial Theatre in Bracebridge. Ticket info here.

We haven't completely confirmed the lineup, but I would pencil that date in your datebook...does anyone besides me still even use a datebook? that as it may, set that date aside, because it is going to be an amazing evening of comedy, and I'll be on hand, hosting the whole shindig!

Have a safe and happy Victoria Day Weekend!


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