LOL Presents Cory Mack & Kevin Stobo in Calgary!


This week, we present a very special edition of Laugh Out Loud! It's "radio verite" - just a small taste of our 2012 Winter Road Trip, as it really happened. We were packed into an intimate club - record button pushed - capturing the sound and we hope the feel of what comedy sounds like on stages all across Canada.

You'll hear Daryl Makk, Kevin Stobo and Cory Mack live in the intimate setting of Broken City Social Club in Calgary, Alberta. It was part of Comedy Monday Night, a weekly comedy showcase put on by James Moore (who took the photos in today's blog).

lol-apr-8-2.jpgCalgary was a lot of fun, and we'd like to bring some fun to your town! All through next season of Laugh Out Loud, about once a month we'll be on the road, recording on location could be your town!

And, don't worry if you don't live in what one would refer to as a "major city centre"! Sure, we love Calgary and Toronto and Winnipeg and Montreal and Halifax, but we also love Thunder Bay and Kamloops and Saint John and Wadena and Pictou!

But we can't know about where you live unless you tell us! So, email us at and let us know about your town. You can also leave a message on our facebook page or tweet us @LOLCBC!

So, inform us, Canada. Let us know where we should be going next season! Hope you have a great Holiday Weekend!


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