Live from Vancouver with Charlie Demers, Michelle Shaughnessy and Chris James!

On today's show, you'll hear some more comics from Laugh Out Loud's Winter Road Trip!

You've already heard some stuff that we recorded in Toronto and Calgary. Now, it's time to head to Vancouver, British Columbia and just a sampling of what we captured for you there!

You'll hear the very funny and probably quite familiar, Charlie Demers.

But, I also have a couple of names that aren't quite as recognizable...yet.

While out in Vancouver last month, we planted ourselves at The Comedy Mix for two nights. The first night was filled with "newer" comics that were vying for a wildcard spot for our live recording on the next night! The plan was to pick one of them to add to our bill.

We ended up adding two, great young comics; Michelle Shaughnessy and Chris James! As soon as we heard them, we knew they had to be on the show!

Special thanks this week to our Vancouver recording crew, Susana Valente and Alexis Douglas.

Thanks, as well, to Rob and Mario at the Comedy Mix in Vancouver!


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