LOL Salutes The Ladies w/ Heidi Foss, Cory Mack, Diana Frances, and Anna Gustafson!

lol jan 28.jpgThis week, in a New York Times profile, comedian Eddie Brill got into hot water when he was quoted as saying, "There are a lot less female comics who are authentic".

It's since been determined that Eddie's comment  was taken out of context, and he apologized. What makes this story noteworthy is that it magnifies a long-held feeling in the industry that men are funnier than women.

The role of women in comedy and the erosion of "the old boy's club" mentality was in the news a bit this week.

Hollywood superstar producer, Judd Apatow - while accepting the award for best film at the Critics' Choice Awards - had some choice, non-CBC-friendly words for the legendary Jerry Lewis!

Judd was referring to an interview that Jerry gave in 1998, when he said..and I quote: "A woman doing comedy doesn't offend me but sets me back a bit. I, as a viewer, have trouble with it. I think of her as producing machine that brings babies into the world." Funny stuff, Jerry.

Oh, and that film that Judd Apatow won for? Bridesmaids. Co-written by one of the funniest women on the planet: Kristen Wiig..with a cast full of beautiful, mind-blowingly funny women.

Now, we here at Laugh Out Loud don't want to get on a soapbox, but me, personally, I think women do everything better than men! Except for peeing standing up...and I'm pretty sure they can do that better, too. They just let us have that one.

Instead of editorializing further, we've chosen four Canadian woman whose writing and standup can speak for itself. We'll let them do the talking...

You'll hear killer sets from Cory Mack, Anna Gustafson, Diana Frances, and Heidi Foss!


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