Accent On Toronto 2011 (Part 1) w/ Martha Chaves and Frank Spadone!

aot-10.jpgchaves-dec-17.jpgOn this week's show, the world comes to Canada, as we give you Part One of Laugh Out Loud's presentation of this year's 10th Anniversary Celebration of Accent On Toronto, recorded this past October at the historic Danforth Music Hall.

For ten years, Accent has celebrated the ethnic mosaic of spadone-dec-17.jpgCanada's largest and most diverse city, highlighting comics from every cultural background!

As you'll hear in today's sets, the accents may be different, but the shared experiences we have are surprsingly similar!

You'll hear very funny stuff from Italian/Canadian comic, Frank Spadone and Nicaraguan-born, Martha Chaves.

And check out this great news story about the night!


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