Saturday, October 29th - "Happy Hallowe'en!"


In honour of Hallowe'en, I have some scaaaaaaaaary stuff for you this week. Not ghosts and goblins or.....Kenny Rogers...think even scarier than that!  Hard to believe, I know!

But this week, I submit for your approval, musical comedy and musical impressions, all captured this past summer at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival!

Coming up, you'll hear a trio of bang on musical impressions from Sean Cullen and This Hour Has 22 Minutes Gavin Crawford performs as Rufus Wainwright. I'll also have a non-musical listener-request for a Hallowe'en set from Fred Klett, and Andrea Martin with a great story about working with the legendary Mel Brooks.

Each week, I post a comedy trivia question on our website. All you have to do is answer it correctly and your name goes into a draw for one of our classic Laugh Out Loud mugs! This week, a gorgeous Laugh Out Loud mug is on its way to Larry Bolingbroke of Penticton, British Columbia! Congratulations, Larry! The mug is in the mail.

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