More comedy for your summer!

dana_michelle_alexander_220.jpgWell it's definitely summer here in TO - temperatures are soaring into the high 30's and the cicadas are singing their songs.  I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying the sun !  I've got some more comedy sets to share this week:

Chris Gibbs and Dana Michelle Alexander from the Winnipeg Fest last April. If you're missing comedy on your radio - check out "This is That" - it's a very funny and clever show.  Some of you might remember waaaay back in the late '90's when I worked on a show called The Muckraker. Peter Oldring (from This is That) was in the cast....and he has since gone on with Pat Kelly to make some very funny shows.  If you can't tune in - it's always available as a podcast.

Have a great week and I'll be back next Tuesday with some more comedy sets!


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