Part Two!


This is it. The final episode of Laugh Out Loud for this season.

We're going to say farewell for the summer with part two of our listener all-request extravaganza!

This week, you'll hear picks from Jeremy Hotz, Steve Brinder, Sandra Shamas and Rich Hall.

Our producer, Tracy Rideout, and I want to thank you for making this past season such a great one! We'll be back in September. It'll be here before you know it!

But don't think that this blog will be quiet! Not at all! Keep checking back for updates, musings, information and more musings!

Plus, if you need your comedy fix, there's always our Full Comedy Sets section.

A note for those of you who catch the show on Thursdays: This one won't be airing next Thursday. Radio 1 will already be into our summer schedule!!

For Tracy, I'm Craig Norris wishing you a safe, happy and fun summer.


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