When I was in third grade, we were told to make a poster that said, "Canada is the greatest country on earth because..." Then we were instructed to fill in the blank. On my poster I wrote, "...because Canada is free of judgment." However, don't believe everything they teach you in Canadian gift shops! My poster was a big fat lie! At the gorgeous age of 26, I have experienced many types of judgment in my days, while living in this country. Allow me to explain, with bullets points.

Canadians are judgmental:

* They say, "clothes don't make the man". But try telling that to the guy who just interviewed me for a job, as I wore my lucky Tasmanian Devil shirt (covered in mustard stains & holes)

 * I cannot wait at a bus stop in the suburbs without rich kids yelling out of their car windows that I "suck". They are totally correct. But it still hurts!

* I steal ONE loaf of bread to feed my family & suddenly some dude named Javert puts me in... Wait a second. I'm confusing my life with the musical Les Miserables again!

* Women say they love adventure. But none of them ever call me back after I teach them my game called, "A real African Lion chasing us around the backyard." The rules of the game are pretty self explanatory. ...And frightening.

It is wrong to judge others before we get to know them! Here is a tongue-in-cheek monologue where I discuss judgment & all of my thoughts on the topic! :)

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