Music by Andrew Hunt

I remember when CDs became unpopular & everyone started downloading music instead. The first thing I thought was, "Crap! I used to use the reflection on the back of CDs to secretly check out my hair, in public." But thankfully the creators of the iPod finally put shiny backs on their devices; so we can now fix our hair, or touch up our makeup, when no mirrors are present. PHEWF!!!

Satellite radio has put up a good fight in saving the world of public music. When I was a kid, I used to say, "Radio is where crap music goes to die." But thanks to podcasts and satellite stations, we are no longer forced to listen to the same pre-packaged 4-chord songs eight million times a day. In the late 90's people were terrified that the music industry was dying due to free downloads. And I remember being so excited that it was going to filter out those lame groups who only make music for money - And it would leave us those who created tunes for art's sake. But alas, the major record companies figured out how to make mulla off internet downloads. And we get to suffer though the bologna they want us to hear on MTV and Vevo.

Almost everyone on earth is passionate about music. And those who aren't, probably have lame haircuts & wear granny panties. Check out this week's video, where I discuss music! See if we have some of the same beliefs. And dance like no one is watching! (So... in that case, dance like you're a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance Canada)

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