The Thursday Edition - Hystereotypes!

HYSTEREOTYPES-BLOG.jpgA couple of weeks ago, our intrepid producer, Tracy Rideout, ventured to The Winnipeg Comedy Festival and gathered a whole bunch of fresh, new comedy that we'll be serving up in some upcoming shows.

Including this one; today's two comics were recorded live at the Hystereotypes Gala! So, you guessed it, it's all about hysterical stereotypes. I guess that was sort of implied.

Be that as it may, what makes these two comics particularly appropriate for this episode is that they're both from the U.S.! Admit it, we Canadians tend to stereotype Americans. That's actually a stereotype of Canadians.

Sherri D. Sutton will examine how Canadian and American stereotypes collide, and Jimmy Tingle will present some very inventive ideas on how Americans can harness every day activities to generate electricity.

blog lol mugs.jpgPerhaps the most exciting announcement on this week's show (or any CBC show ever, really) is that Laugh Out Loud now has our very own mugs! I know, I know...calm down. We're very proud of them. No, Tracy and I did not hand-paint each one, but they are rather lovely. Each and every week, one of these mugs will go to a comedy triva wiz who correctly answers our Get Lucky Contest Question!

So hit that link, take a swing at the question, answer correctly and your name goes into a draw for one of these stunning mugs!


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