This Week's Show - I'm Proud To Be A Canadian (If that's ok with you).


I spent last week in the great state of Texas. I was there for the SXSW Festival. There was great music and film and I even caught a Jimmy Kimmel stand up set. But none of that is what I really came away with...

No, what struck me the most was Texans' pride in their state and their country. Overt, awesome pride that manifests itself in t-shirts and bumper stickers and hats and even belt buckles!  And it got me that sort of pride ever on display in Canada?

Our pride is It's a quiet pride, I guess, borne out of the confidence that Canada is a beautiful country with seemingly limitless possibilities. That's why you'll never see a belt buckle that says "Don't Mess With Canada". My belt buckle says, "We've Given It Some Consideration And If It's All The Same To You, We'd Rather Not Be Messed With. Please & Thank You. Sorry."

It's a big belt buckle.

I think our comedians this week really embody the sort of shy pride that I'm talking about. I'll have sets from Franco Taddeo, Don Kelly and John Sheehan.

Plus, I'll reveal the winner of this week's Get Lucky Contest!

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