This Week's Show - The Storytellers

We're going to go back in time a bit for the show this week.

chris-gibbs.jpgAll the way back to...a simpler time..a young President George W. Bush is in The White House, and archaeologists have discovered a 2,100 year old melon.

Uh...I think that's about all that happened.

The year is - you guessed it - 2007.

We're going back to the 2007 Winnipeg Comedy Festival and a couple of sets from comedians who excel in the - perhaps disappearing - art of storytelling. In this technological world of 142 character tweeting, cryptic facebook status updates, and texting...we always need good stories.

And there's a rather smart reason that we're playing stuff from that festival this week!

The 2011 Winnipeg Comedy Festival runs this year from April 1st to the 10th and the lineup is pretty incredible! Just to name a tiny few of the scheduled acts...Jon Dore, Andrea Martin, John Wing, Nikki Payne and Howie Mandel!

Laugh Out Loud's intrepid producer, Tracy Rideout, will be there, too, recording some stuff for future broadcasts!.sandra-shamas.jpg

And the comedians on this week's show don't really tell stories, per se. I mean, sure there may be some hyperbole...or exaggeration...but today you'll hear brutally frank accounts from two, very disparate spectra.

You'll hear the rapier wit and honesty of Sandra Shamas discussing what All In The Family referred to as "Edith's Problem"...

We'll also hear from fairly-new-Canadian, Chris Gibbs as he perfectly describes the often-unconfessed fear of becoming a father.


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