The Thursday Edition - Part 3 Of Accent On Toronto 9!


This week's we're presenting the third and final installment in our presentation of the 9th Annual Accent On Toronto, recorded last November at The Panasonic Theatre!

Arthur Simeon hails from Uganda and Jonny Harris is a proud Newfoundlander, but they both share something in common: both have recently made the move to Toronto.

And that's sort of what this week's show is all about. The feeling of displacement and being an outside. A fish out of water, if you will, and how curious the behaviour of strangers can be...until you are assimilated..

And hey, speaking of re-locating, (killer segue!) Laugh Out Loud has a brand new contributor to our website who just landed in Toronto from Sarnia, Ontario! He's Andrew Hunt, and every Sunday he'll be posting a blog entry and corresponding video right here on our site!


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