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In my former life I worked for a post -production company here in Toronto, where the primary business of the day was making commercials for TV.  Now I have talkedl before about funny TV ads - specifically the laughing babies, (see LOL Blogs) - but I have to talk about them again 'cause sometimes - rarely - but sometimes - they make me laugh.  When I worked in the commercial post-production industry I used to attend the yearly award ceremonies held in TO called The Bessies (best in Canadian advertising by the way).  This was a big event where all the directors, producers, advertising agencies and post-production companies had a big lunch, watched the award winning commercials on a theatre screen and - to be honest - drank a lot at The Longbar...'cause it was the 80's and that's what we did - and it was probably Friday.

Anyway - this is a very roumdabout way of saying that I really enjoyed watching those commercials - the funny ones in particular (mostly international) were bold and clearly without boundries.  I remember one year in particular when an Australian ad agency made an HIV/AIDS awareness ad that had us rolling on the floor....all I remember was the candy bowl full of coloured condoms - you probably had to be there.

In my current life I spend a lot of time on the web looking at stand-ups, improv,sketch, music, and crazy home-made videos - sites like Funny or Die and etc....I have to stay on top after all.  Recently I discovered Viral Video Chart Most Contagious Top 20 and I am now addicted to this site....funnily enough - to the commercials rather than the  Ken Block's Gymkana videos (although I have to admit the first time I saw one it was pretty cool). 

Earlier this week when I was thinking about this blog - I had come across a British phone company ad where 4 or 5 people are telling a story about a dog.  Now it's disappeared from the site - but there are still a lot of funny ones - and it's kinda cool to watch them trend....if your're in to that sort of thing.

Happy Sunday

~ Tracy



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