The Thursday edition

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Mid-February...a time when the mid-winter blahs give way to the warmth and joy of Valentine's Day, when lovers' fancies turn to chocolate and flowers and overt gestures of love.

This week's Laugh Out Loud looks to keep it a little more "real", though. There are people out there who don't but in to any of this stuff. The comics I have for you this week all share a common situation: They find themselves alone on Valentine's Day. It seems they find themselves alone - period.

But lucky us, we get to revel in and enjoy their relationship troubles! If you're in a wonderful relationship, then you can live vicariously through them. If you find yourself "between relationships", then you can empathize! It's a win-win!

You'll hear Allyson Smith's take on Valentine's Day and creepy men, Jeff McEnery does an hilarious set about his dating (or lack thereof) problems, and a Canadian comedy legend: Andrea Martin! (She also happens to be the subject of this week's Get Lucky Contest Question!)

So, however you plan to spend Valentine's Day, we're glad you're spending a little bit of time with us...

Did you bring candy?


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