A Comedy Pilgrimage - The Congregation


Far from a Church, but following the tradition of midnight mass, this comedy pilgrimage includes a place to congregate. You can watch a performance on any comedy stage, but the venue where you'll find comedians in their natural habitat is the bar and lounge. This is where comics come to mingle and talk shop off stage.  In fact, the lounge can be as big of a draw as the show. The Cliffs and Norms of a comedy Cheers make an equally dramatic entrance at the front door. Everyone is on their feet; this is the pre-show warm-up. For those of you who aren't "regulars" in the community, this can be an intimidating threshold.

Patrons greet newcomers with a whiplash once-over that instantly filters folk from performer. They may resume their conversation, likely of a character introduced at the last improv set,ms bent2.jpg but they haven't forgotten about you. You'll feel peripheral glances from devoted comedy enthusiasts as you weave through the crowd. You can opt to search for the ticket booth, b-line for the restroom, or find a cozy corner to wait for the show. No need to check your watch, it will start late.

Don't feel shunned; you are indeed a person of interest. You also look very cute in that t-shirt or pressed button up. Good choice! And you have just initiated contact with a loud bunch of very shy people. Give it a minute and stay off your iPhone. Someone is dying to come over and offer you a promo card to their sketch show.

Relax! Buy yourself a drink. There's a guy waiting to entertain any audience within a 3 barstool radius. The bartender may ask you what goes in your Bloody Mary, but he will be polite and courteous. He too wants you to come back for his next stage performance.

If you really want to be part of the conversation, tell a cast member what you liked about their show.  Be specific. Tell them about a facial tick or speech pattern you found amusing, even if the scene failed to get laughs. You may recognize this feature masterfully exaggerated in a future appearance.

You can also pay them the biggest compliment of all. Come back! Everyone loves an encore!

Keep sharing your thoughts. Next week is the final destination.


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