Is Vancouver The Happiest City Ever?


Here's a random thought...

I recently returned from Vancouver, BC. Even though, for the most part, it was dim and rainy, I encountered more smiling people walking on the streets than any other city I've been to in Canada. And I'm not talking about groups of people laughing and chatting. I mean people - by themselves - just walking along, smiling.

I don't see that In Toronto.
I didn't see it in Montreal.
Nor in Halifax.
Not even in St. John's, NL, did I see that many smiling citizens!

What's up, Vancouver? Even though you're no stranger to several non-sunny days in a row, you seem to be damned happy! Or at least "smiley"!

What's your secret?

Oh, I'm sure studies have been conducted, using all sorts of metrics and measurements, but Van seems to be the smiliest place I've been.

Do you think your city's happier than Vancouver? Could be. I haven't been everywhere. What is your city, and what makes it a happy place?

Is everyone smiling?

It's kinda creepy, actually.


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