A Comedy Pilgrimage - Web Exclusive!


I searched exhaustively around the streets of New York this summer to find the fire hall where the Ghostbusters set-up their headquarters. I rapid fired questions at an NBC page on the SNL set about controlled and improvised breaks.  As a fan, and a tinkerer of all things funny, this was part of MY comedy pilgrimage. 


For many comedians, the pilgrimage is a longer crusade set-out during the couch surfing years of their career. It's not just a devotion to the art but also a quest to channel the comedy God's along thems bent2.jpg way to Canada's Apollo. 


But if the U.S. is a landmarked path to stardom, Canada is an unchartered assembly to earn comedy street cred. Performers go offbeat in notoriously boisterous rooms where the audience is part of the writing process.  And shoptalk in the lounge can be half the draw of a show ticket. 


I'm mapping the landmarks on Canada's comedy pilgrimage...much like those enterprising LA kids only I won't milk tourists.  Tell me about your experiences on route.  Where's your Apollo?  Click comment below, or message me directly with the "Contact Us" link on your right.


It's not just locals that cut their teeth in the North.  Look at the influence Canada, and Canadians, had on a very young "wild and crazy guy"!


~Nancy Bent 



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