Mid-week Malaise Mania!


Wednesday. Mid-week. Hump Day.

While one of those sounds kind of intriguing, a lot of people just don't like Wednesdays.
I, on the other hand, tend to see it from a glass-half-full perspective. Like A.A. Milne's "Halfway Down The Stairs", Wednesday "...isn't really anywhere! It's somewhere else instead!"

But if you can't be the eternal optimist, like I am (That's what people say about me all the time. Even in the halls at work, they say "Here comes Eternal Optimist Boy!" I keep saying that they should give me a shorter nickname, but my suggestions are never heeded.), we here at LOL may just have a cure for your mid-week blues.

Well, not a cure, but something to at least treat the symptoms.

If today you find yourself at wit's end, frazzled, burning out and leaning towards grumpiness, why not help yourself to some over-the-internet audio medicine! It's as easy as clicking that button to the right there. You see it? Our Laugh Of The Day may just be what you need to get you through the day!

If one isn't enough, take another one. There are no side effects, unless you get in trouble at work for laughing. Soon you'll find that Wednesdays are just weekends in the middle of the week.

Please, don't pay any attention to how that sentence made no sense at all.


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