BOOB TUBE? What's your line?

jeannie.jpgIn keeping with our comedy/TV theme -  some observations:

Is the traditional 'sit-com" still alive? Interesting question since we were all told recently that the sit-com was dead and reality TV is IT!  Well, I won't lie to you gentle readers - I'm over 40 and under 50 and my TV education (oxymoron I know) - was in the form of situation comedy...ok .and variety shows if you must know.  I was only allowed to watch 1 hour of TV a day - yes you read that correctly - 1 hour.  From the ages of 5 to 18 (when I fled the nest) - 1 hour was the max.  I was raised by very young, liberal, socially aware, educated parents -and televison as far as they were concerned was counterproductive to smart, socially responsible, independant thinking.  To this day - my 60 something father endeavours to stay away from the boob tube  - however I'm pretty sure he has watched all 900 seasons of Survivor - and yet I had to bribe him to watch LOST! 

I digress.

Sit-coms - still perhaps the most entertaining half-hour of television one can waste ones' time with these days. My personal favourites? "Two and A Half Men" makes me laugh and blush at the same time and "Big Bang Theory "is always good for a giggle.  No coincidence that Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady are the brains behind both shows.  Think about it - you've been watching Chuck Lorre for at least 2 decades if not longerr!

Really this is apropos of nothing - except that we were talking about comedy on TV this week, More specifically - the success/longevity.  I wasn't raised in Ontario - so I kinda missed the Frantics, and SCTV boat - wish I hadn't but then again - when you are only allowed 1 hour a day - it's hard to beat "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Bewitched "n'est ce pas?

Happy Sunday and thanks for listening!


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