This Week's Show - Live, Right Now!

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If you've been paying attention to CBC Radio, television or, you will have noticed that we have launched Live Right Now, a national initiative designed to inspire Canadians to join together and change the health of this country. Quite the nifty name, really, because if you put the comma after "Right", the connotation is that you are to live correctly, healthier, better...starting now.

But I like to put the comma after "Live" - meaning that we should all live, right now, for this moment. It's really the only moment we know for sure we have. Not to be too morbid, but my Dad used to say, "you're either going to wake up tomorrow, or you're not".

And in celebration of Live Right Now, this week's show is all about living. Now.

We'll hear old-school parenting advice from Tim Nutt. "That Canadian Guy", Glen Foster, explains how technology has reduced our lives to a series of beeps, and Tim Steeves delves into the benefits of medical experiments.

Enjoy! And Live Right Now!!


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