Right on eh?

DaveThomas.jpgI gave my daughter an iPod Touch for her birthday and recently discovered that her favourite app is "Today in History"  It's pretty interesting and the information is suprisingly broad - but rarely entertainment based, So I did a couple of searches of my own to see if there was a "today in comedy history" site that I could steal..ahem...reference.  While I couldn't find anything specific to today's date I thought I'd share a few highlights - (as I'm sure you'd rather stay here on this wonderful web site than waste your time somewhere else. :)

So gentle reader - here is some trivia you can wow your friends and family with at dinner tonight:

1914.12.21 - Tillies Punctured Romance - 1st six-reel feature comedy (?!) and there were more!

1967.06.04 - Monkees receive Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series

1990.05.29 - Dave Thomas Comey Show( Canadian!) first airs on CBS

1990.06.25 - Dave Thomas Comedy Show last airs on CBS (oh dear)

Um - think I'll stop there....out of respect for Dave of course.

 But hey? Monkees!  Right on eh?

Happy Sunday!


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