This Week's Show - The Grim Reality Of Post-Holiday Life!

lol post holiday.jpg

Happy New Year! Are you ready? I hope so.

Through December, we had a Hanukkah Show and a Mildly Non-Denominational Celebration Of The Winter-Type Holidays Show!

What's next?

Why, it's the "Hey, The Holidays Are Over And It's Back-To-Reality Time" Show.

Oh sure, you're still basking in the holiday glow, your house is still decorated, the kids' toys haven't even been broken yet...well...get over it...the holidays are over.

And that's what we're exploring on the show this week.
The grim reality of post-holiday life.

The legendary Bob Newhart is on the show this week with a classic story of returning an unwanted gift, Rob Pew has a New Year's Eve story that may ring a little too true for some of you today, there's a public service announcement from Bowser and Blue, some creative credit counselling from Mark Eddy, and just a good, old-fashioned down home conversation between Bette MacDonald and Mary Colin Chisholm!

Sure, some of us may be suffering from post-holiday blues, but Laugh Out Loud may just have the cure.


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