The Funniest Movies Of 2010?

lol best of 2010.jpg

As we come to the end of another year, I feel confident enough in our relationship to admit to you that I'm not a fan of "year-end lists". You know the ones I'm talking about...where critics or bloggers or journalists or news-types pick their "Best Of.."

I came across this list of The Funniest Movies Of 2010, according to Kim Linekin on msn.

Some of them are on my list of "have to see" movies, but the only one on the list that I've actually seen is Toy Story 3. This, I attribute to having a nine year-old daughter!

Have a look at the list, then let me know if something you saw this year should have been on it! I'm sure that there were a lot funnier movies than "Going The Distance"!


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