What's so funny?


You hear it all the time - "comedy is subjective".  While you might believe that statement - I believe that we all need to laugh.  I was listening to White Coat, Black Art this week and one of the items featured the importance of humour in healing - specifically for children. Childhood is the craziest and most innocent time of our human lives.  Who hasn't heard a chld utter these immortal words: "Want to hear a dirty joke?  A white horse fell in a mud puddle!" Usually the deliverer of this joke then collapses into a fit of giggles. Knock knock jokes can render a child under the age of eight into paroxysms of laughter.  I like that word: paroxysm...makes me laugh!

There's a commercial playing on television these days that shows babies laughing - and no matter what my mood - it makes me giggle. So while comedy is subjective - laughing out loud is infectious, good for you and universal.

My wish for you this holiday season? Don't judge - just laugh.  It takes years off of your life and smile lines are much prettier than scowling wrinkles.

Happy Wednesday gentle reader -


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