Debaters, errors and other stories


Well it's pretty quiet around the old Broadcasting Centre - many people from TV and radio have gone to Vancouver for the first Debaters TV taping.  Not to panic - the show will still be heard on the radio - but it's a pretty big deal around here to have a radio show cross over (as it were) to the other side.....

It's a tough gig to get at the best of times - so my congratulations to the artists who were chosen  - among them: Derek Seguin, Simon Rakoff, Al Rae, John Wing, Sean Cullen, Elvira Kurt and Dave Hemstad, who will be on the show this week btw.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that-we made an error in last week's show by crediting John Wing and George Westerholm with writing a Tom Waites song....and while I think John and George are  brilliant - apparently they are not THAT brilliant!  "Lost Keys" is actually in fact - word for word - "Better Off Without a Wife".  Mea Culpa. Thank you to the Tom Waites fans who pointed this out to me. "Home Alone" however was indeed an original song - but of course you knew that because who else but John Wing would write, let alone sing about rolling around "naked on the lawn all day."?

Let's see, I've covered the Debaters, errors and now it's time for other stories. Except I don't have one.  I just liked the way it looked in the title.

Happy Wednesday!


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