What did we do before the internet?


Watching this week's advocate submissions for the List Of Laughs, I'm drawn particularly to Chelsea P. Manders' pick, "Coffee With The Candidates: Chris Young". I had never seen this clip before, which shocks me because I consider myself pretty wired in.

I like that I'd never seen it before! That's one of the benefits of compiling our List Of Laughs; seeing stuff you may have missed this year.

Be that as it may, I can't help but wonder where these videos would have gone if not for the internet.

A simple slip-up, or trip, or fall, or uncomfortable song sung on a local morning TV show would have been lost forever in the ether. Now, it's preserved - archived, if you will - eternally...for all to see.

Now, I'm not passing judgement on any of this, or deciding if it's "right" or "wrong". Not at all. The internet is a beautiful beast.

I'm just wondering what occupied our time before all of this.

What video was your biggest time vampire this year? Let me know! Click here to submit!

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