This Week's Show: Darryl Lenox!


This week, the spotlight shines on Darryl Lenox. On Saturday, October 2nd, Darryl will be bringing his "Blind Ambition" show to Vancouver's Vogue Theatre - a venue that he has dreamed of playing - and Laugh Out Loud will be there, tape rolling, for broadcast on this show later on. But I thought I'd give you a little taste of some of Darryl's earlier work.
And, we here at Laugh Out Loud have made it our mission to find the funniest viral videos of 2010 with our List Of Laughs! I know, I know...the internet is huge! How will we ever find the funniest video in all of those tubes?! We're going to have help. Throughout the coming weeks, eight comedy advocates from across Canada will be defending what they think is the funniest video! Our moderator, the man who will facilitate the debate, will be none other than the winner of our Clash Of Comedy - Fluffee!
It's all taking place right here, and we want you to get involved! Our panelists certainly won't be able to find all of the funniest stuff on the web. That's where you come in. Not only do we want you to vote each week, we will have a wildcard spot that will be pitched - and defended - by you! It's wide open!
~ Craig
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