This Week's Show: The World Cup Of Comedy!


Way back in 2001, the CBC launched a comedy event called Accent On Toronto. Given that Toronto is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world, Accent On Toronto featured comedians from various ethnicities.

Two of the comics I'm presenting on this week's show were on that very first show in 2001; Frank Spadone and Angelo Tsarouchas. The host of that show was a little someone name Russell Peters, whom you may have heard of!

Those three comedians then went on to do another show called The United Colours of Comedy..and when Russell Peters re-located to LA, Frank and Angelo inked a deal with Just for Laughs to take another show on the road called The Ethnic Heroes of Comedy.

Are you catching the theme here?

Now, 9 years later, Frank and Angelo, along with Ahmed Ahmed are touring The World Cup of Comedy, playing in Vancouver Friday October 1st. - Which just goes to show you how one little idea that we launched can snowball into it's own franchise.

Accent on Toronto by the way is still going strong - celebrating 9 years on November 1st this year. I will be giving you more details on that in the weeks to come.

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