Monday Morning Ruminations


Good Monday morning, one and all!

I trust that this day finds you well? It is the beginning of a brand new week! All of your small, weekend transgressions always seem in the cleansing light of a Monday morning. Unless you did something really bad! If that's the case, what are you doing sitting there reading this blog? You should be out there doing some rectifying! Making things right. Monday can't do all of your heavy lifting.

Since you're here, though, you should vote in the finals of our Clash Of Comedy! It's down to FLuffee and Jimi Boys. You'll have two weeks to vote in this round.

Some out there have called the voting methods in the contest into question. Nothing is perfect, of course, and we are working diligently to make sure that our 'ballot boxes' cannot be stuffed. Sort of feels like Chicago in 1960, or Florida in 2000! But it strikes me as odd that so much effort has seemingly been put in to circumvent the voting technology in our humble little competition. Yes, throughout history, humankind has found a way to sully and soil every major technological breakthrough. Usually, it's with porn, though.

So, please vote in the finals. And to those who spend their time figuring out ways around our 1 vote per IP address per day, surely there must be better uses of your time. There are still a few diseases out there that could use a cure.


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