And Then There Were Four!


Welcome to the semi-finals! We are down to four competitors! Congratulations to the FLuffee, David Dineen-Porter, the Jimi Boys and Blubba Productions, and thanks to all competitors for participating.

Make sure to watch each clip and vote on which one you think is funnier. The competitor with the most votes in each match up will move on to the finals next week!(check out the bracket here).

There's a lot at stake here! A $500 gift card from Apple, a feature article on our website, and a mention on our radio show is on the line. So be sure to participate, and support whoever you think is funniest! The 2 semi-final matches are:

WARNING: These clips may contain offensive language and/or subject matter. The views expressed in these clips do not necessarily reflect the views of the CBC.

FLuffee - Crushing Lil' Girl Dreams
David Dineen-Porter - Laugh Sabbath Stand Up

Blubba Productions - Can't Be Named (Miley Cyrus Parody)
Jimi Boys - Dream Diary

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