Comedy Star of the Week!


Our Comedy Stars of the Week is comedy troupe Hamburger Sandwich. They uploaded their video "Kick It" a couple weeks ago, and it has been quite popular from Day 1. I took some time to talk to them, and had a laugh:


How long have you been doing sketch comedy?
Actually, I don't get to do a lot of stand up because it gets in the way of riding my killer motorcycle.
What's the most important thing you've learned so far in your career?
I've learned that rad babes are into cool dudes who can fully command the road in a kick-ass chopper. I have a motorcycle.

Which comedians do you look up to?
The tall ones.
What's the funniest show on television, past or present?
CBC News with Peter Mansbridge. I love you, Pete! You crazy, man! Lets go ride motorcycles sometime.
What will you be doing with the $200?
Going to use the money to install a jacuzzi in my motorcycle. Then I'm gonna cruise around and rad babes will wanna take a dip in my sweet 'cuzzi. Babes love rad dudes with badittude.

Congratulations again! (We're holding off on Comedy Star of the Week for the next few weeks while our Clash of Comedy Tournament is in progress.)
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