Clash of Comedy Update!

Well, it has been a pretty busy week for us here at Laugh Out Loud. As most of you are aware, we launched our Clash of Comedy Tournament on Monday, and the response has been incredible. Yesterday we had a total of 74,924 page views! As of this morning we've had over 48,000 total votes for all 8 competitors.

It's crazy! I knew this tournament would be popular, but the numbers have blown me away! Thank you to all that have participated, and stay tuned, it's going to get even more interesting!
So here's what's going on in the tournament:

Matchup #1
Moniquea Marion leads Andrew Hunt 56%-44%

Matchup #2
Fluffee leads Jus Reign 83%-17%

Fluffee and Jus Reign have both made YouTube videos pleading for votes, check them out here!

Matchup #3
JLB Films leads David Dineen-Porter 56%-44%

Matchup #4
Mark Little leads the Raisin Gang 51% - 49%. Closest matchup yet!

Keep the votes coming in, and stay tuned, it's going to get interesting!

- Scott
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