Colds in the Summer Really Suck!


At first I thought I had allergies but no. I, like a few other unfortunate souls, have a Summer cold - and they suck! Beyond the standard runny nose and watery eyes, Summer colds come with something that is unique to them: Judgement from strangers. People look at you really funny when they hear you sniffling, or see you blowing your nose on a hot day in July. I can't tell if the look they give is one of fear, or apathy, or disgust, or a combination of the three - "fergustapy"...? All I know is that there's a lot of judging going on with that look.

What sucks is that we, the sufferers of these Summer colds, already feel like morons because we HAVE SUMMER COLDS! Hearing, "Hey, you got a cold?!" from someone with a sour look on their face - like they picked their ear and accidentally put that ear finger in their mouth - does NOT make us feel better or prevent you from catching it. If anything, it makes us cry on the inside... and gets YOU sick when we secretly rub our face all over your napkin when you step away from the table. So, to all you healthy Summer folk, please cut us some slack and pass us a box of tissues.

- Ali
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