When is it still "too soon"?


As a comic, I'm all for calling out the truth. Speaking to the blatent ills and injustices in our society. That's why I love guys like Paul Mooney because they're not afraid call it out for what it is. They don't care if they offend because a) the greatest good is the truth and b) they always call out the offender and not the victim.

Last night was a little different...

I was at the Eton House, checking out some comedy and this German guy, Dave Niedermeier, went up and started doing some Nazi material. He asked if there were any Jews in the audience, followed by "too soon?", all in a German accent.

Mike Wilmot was there and followed him a few acts down. Now see, this is why I love Wilmot: he goes up, calls out the guy in front of everyone and says, "Too soon? Yeah, 65 years and it's STILL too soon!". The crowd cheered and the truth rang loud and clear.

P.S. Same goes for the Palestinians, Rwandans, and any of the countless other groups that've been "cleansed" - why go for an easy mark, would-be comics? Call out the oppressor and get a laugh out of that - like Paul Mooney, or my new hero, Mike Wilmot!

- Ali

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