Comedy Star of the Week!


Our comedy star this week is Casey Corbin. Casey uploaded his standup video to us a couple weeks ago, and it became pretty popular! I asked him a couple questions below:


What made you get into comedy?
Being a middle child, I've always felt a need for attention. Being funny was the best way to get that attention. After seeing Eddie Murphy in Delirious I knew I had to be a standup comedian.

What is the most important thing you've learned so far in your comedy career?
When I'm on stage, have fun. Keep positive and be happy.

Which comedians do you look up to?
Mostly the funny ones.  Norm MacDonald, Mike Wilmot, Derek Edwards are all funny.  Andy Kaufman & Mitch Hedberg I also look up to because not only are they funny, but they're up in Heaven as well. I miss them.


What is the funniest show on television, past or present?

Cheers, Seinfeld and my Comedy Now episode are all fantastic, but Arrested Development is my all time favourite show.

What will you be doing with the $200 prize money?
Hookers and blow!  Oh wait, i thought you said two thousand....oops, my bad. It's two hundread? I guess I'll b some lottery tickets. Wish me luck!.

Thanks, and congrats again!

- Scott
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